Environmental Monitoring Services of Zawtika onshore pipeline in Myanmar


Client: China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP)

Project Location: Zawtika Field, Kanbauk

Contract period:

Start (month/year): October.12

End (month/year): February.14

Project Description:

PTT Exploration and Production International Limited (PTTEPI) (Yangon Branch) plans to develop and produce gas from “Zawtika Field” in block M9 located in the Bay of Moattama, offshore of Myanmar. The field lies approximately 300 km south of Yangon and 240 km west of Specialist of Dawei off the Myanmar coast with the water depth of approximately 140 meters. China Petroleum Pipeline International (CPP) is contracted to build a new 30 inches Zawtika onshore gas pipeline constructed to take the natural gas to the existing metering station and tie into the PTT 42” pipeline at Ban I-Tong on the Thailand border, with a total length of approximately 65 km.

Services Provided:

Provide environmental monitoring services for the Zawtika onshore gas pipeline to ensure that the construction is in compliance with environmental quality requirements and environmental mitigation measures specified in Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) Report and Environmental Monitoring Plan.